About Us

Our History

J.P. Leggett and C.B. Platt were both residents of Carthage, a county seat in southwest Missouri, when they formed their business partnership in 1883. J.P. Leggett was an inventor and had several patents to his credit. When he developed the idea for a spiral steel coil bedspring, he went to his brother-in-law, C.B. Platt, for his manufacturing capability and expertise. Together they produced the L&P bedspring, patented in 1885, which offered the best night’s sleep yet available. Their partnership prospered and the business was incorporated in 1901. The modern growth era for the company began in the 1960s, when current executive management assumed leadership. Being substantially invested in Leggett & Platt stock, then and now, management developed a plan to enhance the potential for long-term growth. The strategy is a proven success, resulting in leading manufacturing, marketing, and distribution capabilities. Today, we are serving more customers, with more products and growth opportunities, than ever before.

The Industries We Serve

The International Furniture Division of Leggett & Platt has been servicing a wide spectrum of the furniture industry around the world for over 100 years with innovative products such as:
  • Swivels, chromed round bases, and five-legged rocker bases for all different types of applications in the restaurant/bar industry.
  • A wide selection of mechanisms for recliner and motion sofas used in the residential segment of the furniture industry that also includes:
    • Specially designed mechanisms used in the home theater industry.
    • Motorized mechanisms used in the furniture and healthcare industry.
  • Sofa sleep systems used from residential to contract applications commonly found in the hotel/motel/timesharing industry.
  • Seating components commonly used in furniture applications that cater not only the furniture industry but also to the furniture restoration and reupholster industries.