The 350ezseries mechanism is the future of motion recliner chairs. This amazing metal-to-the-floor mechanism can support up to 350-pounds effortlessly. 

The future of motion furniture is here —the all-new 350ez™ series mechanisms.  The human body form is continuously evolving, with people's height, weight and size differing today in comparison to yesteryears. With this being said, your customers will be looking for a motion recliner that has been designed specifically with their needs in mind.

From our extended layout to our improved linkage in high-stress areas, we’ve built in quality features unmatched by any other manufacturer in the industry.

Attributes include:

  • Close-to-wall proximity to accommodate any room configuration
  • Effortless motion for EZ operation by all ages
Features and Benefits
  • Tested at 40% greater weight capacity* - 350 lbs.
  • No other residential product tested at this weight capacity.
  • Designed and engineered at Omega™ Motion.
  • Close-to-wall in Full-Recline.
  • EZ to operate by the entire household.
  • Manual or Power version available.
  • More layout in Full-Recline than previous models*.
  • Patent Pending Technology.

 *Compared to previous models.