The evolutionary Glider mechanism is an amazing component that offers outstanding smooth continuous back-and-forth motion.   The 300-pound plus weight capacity Glider mechanism was design to allow the occupant to sway back-and-forth effortlessly.

The new Glider mechanism gives you the latest features your customers are looking for. From our extended layout to our improved linkage in high-stress areas, we’ve built in quality features unmatched by any other manufacturer in the industry.

Attributes include:

  • Close-to-wall proximity to accommodate any room configuration.
  • Effortless motion for EZ operation by all ages.
  • All metal-to-floor series mechanisms are interchangeable in the same frame, if the frame is constructed per the Rocker frame prints.
  • Long Life™ mechanism has been field-tested and proven by L&P’s testing facility.
  • KD Back Brackets allow easy back removal for shipping and handling.
Features and Benefits
  • Tested at 20% greater weight capacity - 300 lbs.
  • No other residential product tested at this weight capacity.
  • Designed and engineered at Omega™ Motion.
  • Our longest extension ever.
  • Close to wall in full recline.
  • EZ to operate by the entire household.
  • Manual or Power version available.
  • More layout in full recline than previous models*.
  • Patent Pending Technology.

*Compared to previous models.