The InSpira™ is a remarkable low-profile, wall-hugging chaise lounge seat application.  The state-of-the-art power press-back lounger mechanism is now featured within a wood-to-the-floor application for an outstanding lounging experience.
Features and Benefits

InSpira allows the seating cushion to slide forward while the back of the seat goes into full recline, gaining additional resting surface.

Creative furniture designers will be inspired by its endless design possibilities. Additional accessories, such as headrests or leg-rests, are compatible with InSpira.

  • 350 lbs weight capacity
  • Wall-Hugger® - The back of the seat will go into a Full-Recline position in close proximity to
    the wall
  • Accommodates leg heights of 50.8 mm (2-inch) - 152.4 mm (6-inch)
  • Varying seat widths
  • Available in power only
  • Compatible with Contempo™ and Perfecto™ headrest mechanisms
  • Multifunctional seat/headrest hinges can also be applied for additional styling opportunities
  • Perfect accompaniment to InNova™ and EasyCliner® mechanisms
  • Effortless motion for easy operation by all ages
  • Easy action to Full-Recline/lounging position
  • Sleek low-profile mechanism


TV Position

Full Recline
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